The ” Value Education Series Gift Of Life Book – 1 “ gives plenty of joy to students, and they learn a lot of things from books. They take them into a unique world of imagination and improve their standard of living. Gift of life is a handbook on value education. They must learn certain values which give them a sense of right and wrong, good and bad, what and when to practice, etc. This will make them feel good about themselves and lead them on to feel good about others. Books help to inspire students to do hard work with courage and hope. They enrich the experience of students and sharpen their intellect. Its meaning comes from how it makes you feel inside as the recipient and as the giver. The book provides opportunities to children to make an appraisal of themselves and to find that there is goodness in them, which needed only a little help from parents, teachers, elders and this book perhaps to bring it to the fore.


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