The Book ” Value Education Series Gift Of Life Book – 2 “ series will help eliminate “religious fanaticism, violence, superstition and fatalism” and will serve as a unique, secular and practical series on the value of education serving the social, ethical and religious needs of today’s children to enable them to blossom into courageous, morally strong, better persons and confident citizens of the land. if we cannot reach out positively, we should at least do nothing to hurt them. And anyway, who knows about tomorrow. Needless to say, we have to teach this value by example. The fact was already there but it becomes his joy, his pride and privilege to reach it. we need to pay much attention to the aspect of courteousness to develop his personality. if we wish to ape the west let us do it for a worthy reason. With the impact of modern living and the breakdown of the joint family system, India is faced with a tangible erosion of its cultural and ethical base and strengths.


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