The Book ” Value Education Series Gift Of Life Book – 8 “ aim is to make every child aware of the loss by damage to any public property, also not to let others damage it because all the public property belongs to them, so protecting and maintaining them neatly and tidily is the job of every child of the society. This helps to bring an all-round development of the personality in a child. The children should be made aware that “a sparkling city” is what we sadly lack, compared to other cities of the world and they should be fired with a zeal to make their city one of the best in India. The series stresses self-awareness, feelings, attitudes, choices, priorities, values and skills, relationships both with one’s intimate circles and institutions of the larger society. With the impact of modern living and the breakdown of the joint family system, India is faced with a tangible erosion of its cultural and ethical base and strengths.


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