Interactive Grammar and Writing Skills Book 6 (As Per NEP)

The Interactive Grammar and Writing Skills series, meticulously crafted to cater to students from Introductory to VIII levels. Aligned with the principles set forth in the New Education Policy 2020, our series embodies the essence of experiential learning, making language acquisition a delightful journey.
Designed with the learner at the core, our series adopts a child-centric approach, fostering language proficiency through hands-on activities and practical applications of grammar, vocabulary, poetic devices, and writing skills. Each lesson is thoughtfully structured, progressing from simple concepts to more complex ones, ensuring a seamless learning curve for students.
The exercises in this book are graded from easy to difficult, offering educational and enriching experiences while also promoting joyful learning. Moreover, the inclusion of value-based content adds depth and meaning to the learning process.


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