Jolly Scholars Self Help Books (Set of 8)

“Jolly Scholars Self-Help Book Set (Set of 8 books)” talks about the following things:
1) children to recognize and label the behaviors which they are striving to develop.
2) Learning to Be a Good Friend allows adults to show kids how to cultivate friendship
3) Helping children develop good self-esteem means helping them simply be themselves
4) their very own Best Friend-God.
5) taking care of our bodies so they work the best they can
6) “Mad Isn’t Bad” offers kids a positive and honest view of anger-and what to do with it
7) children to learn to STOP, to THINK TWICE, and see their worries for what they are
8) Kids will learn nonviolent ways to assert and protect themselves-and when to ask for adult help. Together, kids and caring grown-ups can banish bullies in schools and neighborhoods.


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