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The ” My Blue Book Of Grammar With Answers “ is a uniquely designed handbook in grammar. with every new page providing something new to learn in an interesting manner, this book doesn’t take on the ominous look of an imposing dry and boring book suited for intellectual bookworms only. In fact due to its clarity and simplicity of language one soon realizes that it can be taken to use the technical grammar terms to the minimum without compromising on giving a detailed explanation of every rule that governs the English language. It presents English, as indeed it is, the most learner-friendly and internationally popular language. It has the intrinsic flavour of a General Knowledge Book that makes known exciting and revealing facts in every new paragraph of the book. It keeps one’s curiosity aroused as one move from page to page. It is exceptionally attractive owing to the fact that it provides answers to the approximately 3,000 questions spread over 130 odd exercises. This ensures that one doesn’t even have to put down this book disappointed owing to an unanswered question. Learning proper grammar is important because it is the language that makes it possible for us to effectively talk about language. Grammar names the words and word groups that make up sentences not only in English but in almost any language. As humans, we can put sentences together even as children.


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