The ” Nigam Drawing And Colouring Book – 4 “ Provide your child simple pictures and guide them to colour them within the lines. Initially, hold your kid’s hand and teach him how to colour within the marked lines without letting the colour spread outside the lines. Encourage your kid to draw different sized pictures and colour them within the lines more often. Children are creative by nature. They love drawing and using colour to express themselves. In fact, colouring books stifle creativity. Some children enjoy these books, so it isn’t actually necessary to take them away completely. Drawing can improve your thinking and memory over just simple writing by engaging the visual and motor parts of your brain. This leads to greater absorption of information and better retention. Psychologists are calling it the “drawing effect.” There are many uses for drawing. Drawing is a form of communication that preceded writing and continues to serve as another form of communication.”Drawings can do amazing things. They can tell stories, educate, inspire, reveal, entertain, and inform.


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