Nigam Drawing Book Jumbo scaled

The “ Nigam Drawing Book – Jumbo ” Children are effective communicators and through the creative arts, children learn to make meaning and freely express their thoughts, ideas and feelings. Drawing also helps with children’s development of fine motor skills as they learn to control their finger grip and movement to the ideas they are expressing. Colouring inspires creativity in kids. A blank piece of paper and a box of crayons can inspire stories and pictures. Being creative allows a child to build their self-confidence in other areas, especially handwriting and pencil tasks. Some children enjoy these books, so it isn’t actually necessary to take them away completely. Drawing can improve your thinking and memory over just simple writing by engaging the visual and motor parts of your brain. Colours affect your learning, by the way, your brain functions and use colour to develop pattern recognition, memory and absorbing new information. It can also visually guide you to locate, compare, understand and recall information faster. Enhances fine motor development. Colouring is an activity that helps children build the muscles in their fingers, hand and wrist which aids in manipulating small objects.

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