Nigam English Grammar and Writing Skills Standard 8 As Per Maharashtra State Board Syllabus

What is Communication?

       “Communication is the art of saying the right thing, at the right time, in the right manner, to the right person.” Communication is the key to success in in any endeavour and so developing effective communication skills amongst the students should be the main objective of the language curriculum.

       This curriculum aims to achieve the same by providing varied teaching-learning experiences.

  • Listening • Speaking • Reading • Writing

These are the four vital competencies of communication and the curriculum should be designed in such a way that all the above elements of the language are take care of. Other skills of communication such as narrating, describing, reporting and summarizing to should be given due importance.

Even as we work towards developing the vocabulary and fluency in the language, we are also trying to develop and inculcate values and virtues in the students. This book aims to train the student in language skills, writing skills, appropriate use of vocabulary, use of poetic devices and creative writing.

For a child to excel in the examination and in the life it is imperative that he/she should develop his/her linguistic abilities in the formative years. They should understand that their level of mastery over the language will depend on their knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, their interpretative skills and the ability to frame perfect answers apart from expressing their thoughts in an appealing and beautiful manner. Our book “English Grammar and Writing Skills – A Handbook and Workbook” for Std. VII aims to realise these very objectives.

This will a guide and aid them to help communicate and communicate well….

Working towards imparting quality education….


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