Nigam Health and Physical Education Standard 3 1 scaled

As Physical Education and Health Education are inter-related, much importance is given to health and hygiene. ‘A Healthy Body houses a Healthy Mind’, so the saying goes on and it points out to a fundamental truth. For a Healthy and well-nourished body, exercises are very important. In fact for a strong body and a healthy mind, a complete and comprehensive knowledge of Physical Education is the need of today. Keeping this in mind and giving due consideration to the new syllabus set by the Education Board, this book has been carefully designed.

This book aims at bringing about a balanced and wholesome development of the students through greater muscular co-ordination, physical fitness and mental alertness. We have made it our responsibility to ensure a thorough Health Education through personal care, environmental hygiene, healthy food habits and so on. Besides this, to maintain a record of the physical outcomes of each child, appropriate evaluation and marking scheme is provided.


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