Gift of Life 10.1 scaled

The Book ” Value Education Series Gift Of Life Book – 10 “ series keeping in mind the different religious backgrounds of the children and today are facing value conflicts and dilemma at every turn and stage of life to reach the socio-cultural and political changes that are taking place even in a highly traditional country like ours. It is very important that they acquire the necessary knowledge and skills while they are still young. The series stresses self-awareness, feelings, attitudes, choices, priorities, values and skills, relationships both with one’s intimate circles and institutions of the larger society. This series includes well-graded text from standard I to X as per the child’s mental level along vital since their concern in the moulding of their child’s character is higher than anyone else’s. Thus in our multi-cultured society, it is important to instil and reinforce the backgrounds of the children and the social, ethical and religious needs of today’s children to enable them to blossom into courageous, morally strong, better persons and confident citizens of the land.


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