Nigam Information Technology Standard 1 1 scaled

The Book ” Information Technology Standard – 1 “ based on the Fun ‘N’ Learn the concept, this series aims at developing a strong foundation in the subject, without overburdening the child. Sincerely hoping that this series will go a long way in equipping a child to face the cut-throat competition ahead. Students will learn about technical theory, networking, programming, and computer hardware. Depending on the specific major, students may also learn about database management, systems analysis, computer circuitry, website development, and IT management. Information technology helps people to keep in contact with family and friends via e-mail, manage their finances with spreadsheets and online banking, track investments through an online broker, pursue hobbies like genealogy or gardening with specialized software. Almost every business uses computers nowadays. They can be employed to store and maintain accounts, personnel records, manage projects, track inventory, create presentations and reports.


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