Jolly kids Copy Colour 16 Pages Books Set B 1

Jolly Kids Copy Colour Books-B Set (Set of 4)

Jolly Kids Copy Colouring books contains as many as colouring books for little artists. There are 4 variety of themes – Animals, Dinosaurs, Ocean & Pirates. Each book contains 16 pages to keep you young one occupied in a fun-filled activity & learning. It also contains large pictures and high-quality coloring sheets which lets your kid enjoy his coloring activity. Coloring books are known to provide a lot of benefits to young children. Most of all it promotes creativity, helps kids develop their motor skills and even improves concentration.

These books have large colouring size paper with 1 picture on each page and every picture comes with a color guide for kids. By following the coloring instructions, kids will learn to recognize different colours and learn their names. It teaches them to follow instructions and behave in a particular way. Kids do not have a completely developed motor skills, and hence, big pictures allow them more space. And when they finish coloring a large picture, it gives their confidence a much-needed boost. They feel happy and it promotes a sense of self-confidence. It also assists in developing eye-hand coordination. Thus, preparing them for a smooth schooling experience.


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