Jolly Kids Fun With Tables

“Jolly Kids Fun with Tables” book has been especially tailored to suite and sharpen the mind of young children and lead into the concept of basic fundamentals of mathematics. The book aims at helping children to learn tables through stimulating activities and exercises. This is a practice books for kids to learn Multiplication Tables 0-20 Multiplication Grid How to say numbers in English and Roman Numbers – 1 to 100. System of numeration (Indian and International system) – Unit, Ten, Hundred, Thousand, Lakh, Crore vs Million, Billion etc Introduction to Decimal Numbers, Fractions, Shapes, important Arithmetical information such as Natural, Whole, Odd, Even, Prime, Composite Numbers and Metric Measures. Introduction to Time, Calendar and Days of Week. Introduction to Indian & Foreign currency., States & Capitals, Directions & Our Universe.


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