Jolly Kids Good and Happy Living The Physical Way Story Books Set of 8

“Jolly Kids Good and Happy Living – The Physical Way” series of books describes 8 books such as Eyes and Ears, Food, Healthy Living, My Skin, I’m Special, Say No, Sleep and Teeth. These books help kids in physical health activities such as;

  • In “Eyes and Ears” book children learn the importance of eyes and ears. My eyes help me to see beautiful things around me and my ears help me to hear various sounds like the chirping of birds, and the buzzing of bees. Also, know how to take care of your eyes and ears?
  • In the “Food” book, Children learn about different types of healthy and unhealthy food like fruits, vegetables, cereals, pulses, nuts, and cereals are healthy food and should be eaten daily to keep us healthy and fit. Burgers, pizza, chocolate, cookies, fries, and cupcakes are all unhealthy foods and should be eaten only occasionally.
  • In “Staying Healthy” book helps children learn to be healthy bodies. When we should eat healthy food, drink clean water, breathe fresh air, take good sleep, and exercise daily.
  • In “My Skin Book”, children learn that our bodies are covered by skin. They learn to help with many things like touching and feeling things. Feelings should be cold, warm, smooth, soft, sharp, and rough. Also, they learn how the skin protects the body and how to take care of the skin.
  • In “I am Special” book, children know about you are special in the world. No one in the world looks like & talks like me. Nobody has the same voice as me. I am very special
  • In the “Say No” book, children learn & where do we use the words “SAY No”?
  • When someone touches you and you don’t like it, or the doctor or nurse examines you, or when your parents buy toys but you don’t like them. There we use the word “SAY No”.
  • In the “Sleep” book, children learn why it is important to sleep at night. Sleeping is important because it enables the body to repair itself and get fit and ready for another day. The night is the time for everyone to rest, birds fly back to their nests, animals, flowers, and trees and try to get some sleep. We all need sleep to stay fresh and healthy.
  • In “Teeth” book, tells everyone, one should always keep their teeth clean and people love beautiful smiles with bright white teeth this is the way when you brush your teeth both morning and night, and you should eat fruits to keep your teeth strong and healthy.




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