Jolly Kids Jumbo Copy Colour Books Set of 2

Jolly Kids Jumbo Copy Colour Book Set (Set of 2)

Jumbo Copy Colour book set helps kids develop motor skills and even improves concentration. Each colouring book contains 128 pages to keep your young one occupied in a fun-filled activity and learning. These beautiful book sets give kids loads of fun moments as they copy and fill each beautiful illustration with bright colours.

These books have large colouring size paper with 1 picture on each page and every picture comes with a colour guide for kids. By following the colouring instructions, kids will learn to recognize different colours and learn their names. It teaches them to follow instructions and behave in a particular way. Kids do not have completely developed motor skills, and hence, big pictures allow them more space. And when they finish colouring a large picture, it gives their confidence a much-needed boost.

They feel happy and it promotes a sense of self-confidence. It also assists in developing eye-hand coordination. Thus, preparing them for a smooth schooling experience.


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