Nigam My Blue Book of Primary School Grammar

We at ‘Sheth Publishing House’ believe that ‘learning by doing is the most permanent form of learning. Children should be active participants in the teaching-learning situation. With the same aim, we present our activity-oriented book “Nigam My Blue Book of Primary School Grammar” a complete and practical textbook on English grammar for the students of the Primary classes.

In the present curriculum, a lot of emphases is given to ‘Fundamental Grammar’. The Curriculum Committee believes that teaching grammar for its own sake is a futile exercise. Grammar should be based on context and should be linked with communication. Our book strives to realise the same educational objective.

As educationists, the task in our hands is to ensure that we develop in the children, fluency in the English language. This can be achieved only by ensuring that they speak, read, write and hear the language as much as they can. By doing this well not only be preparing them for exams but for their life ahead. People committed to the cause of education have great responsibilities. The Japanese system has five ‘S’ which forms the basis of the educational philosophy they are:
“Seiri – Cleanliness and orderliness
Seiton – Discipline
Seiso – Self Organising
Seiketsu – Neatness
Shitsuke – Training”

As a result, if these become our educational objectives and if we work hard to realize the same we will succeed in imparting education relevant to life.

Moreover, our book is a humble effort in this direction.


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