ORIGAMI 4 scaled

The ” Rising Star Origami Art Of Paper Folding Book – 4 “ Origami is used in various therapeutic settings, including art therapy and in stroke and injury rehabilitation. process of learning a new model and duplicating it on his own provides the child with an opportunity to improve multiple cognitive skills in an enjoyable way. When you put weight on a sheet of paper it tends to buckle because it is very thin. it has no strength along the thin direction. By folding or rolling the paper, you create a “thickness” that allows the paper to reinforce itself and not collapse so easily. Origami is a very popular craft today. it is also highly probable that the process of folding was applied to other materials before the paper was invented, so the origins of recreational folding may lie with cloth or leather. The art of origami or paper folding has received a considerable amount of mathematical study.


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