Jolly Kids Good and Happy Living The Emotional Way Story Books Set of 8

“Jolly Kids Good & Happy Living – The Emotional Way” Stories books help your kids name & understand the feelings and experiences they may be struggling with. “The Emotional Way” series consists of 8 attractive story books which will teach to make a new friend, feelings, beauty, meet family, problems, fear, sadness, etc… Preschool children read these picture books independently. Each story in the series teaches the little one’s deal with feelings, emotions, values and how to grow up with family and friends

  • In “A New Friend” book, Children learn to make new friends, when they are alone, someone pulled funny faces and three little paper balls at her. After school, her parents pick up her & they see her daughter sit alone. They come & teach how to make new friends.
  • In “Anger” book, children know where should we get angry or feel bad such as someone can hurt or shout or they want new toys and many more. After parents teach you how to control your anger or different way to manage your anger or bad feelings such as spending some time alone and thinking or you go for a walk or running in the park or counting up to ten.
  • In “Beauty Around Me” book children learn the beautiful things of the world like nature, high mountains covered with snow, colorful flowers in bloom, cute little ducks floating in the pond, small insects, little butterflies, etc.
  • In “Fear” book, Grandmother teaches her child that there is nothing to be afraid of, and tries to overcome his fears the child is afraid of new people or strangers, afraid of the loud sound of lightning and thunder, when They are sleeping alone at night when they jump into a pool where the water is deep and much more.
  • In “Little Miss Sunshine” book, children miss their loving dream and also learn to make new things such as skating, dancing, painting, writing, playing music, swimming, and more
  • In “Meet My Family” book kids learn about the importance of family like how much he helps, cares and loves you, how to spend time with you like playing, telling stories, going to different places, your uncle’s and Auntie, and meeting cousins.
  • In “Every Problem has a Solution” book kids face some problems and they learn to solve the problem like when we make a block tower and someone slips on my tower and all the blocks fall. again they make different block towers and they look much prettier than the previous ones.
  • In “Sadness” book children learn that when they are sad for some reason like he wants to go on a picnic and their mother didn’t take them for a picnic or some kids are playing on the school grounds but they are not playing with him. Then his family encouraged him by picking him up from school, buying him ice cream, trying to make him laugh by telling funny jokes, taking him to the park, and much more.
  • There are always people out there who care, we can be sure of your sadness with them. Whenever you feel sad again, think of happy things and you will be happy again.



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