Jolly Kids Good and Happy Living The Social Way Story Books Set of 8

The “Jolly Kids Good and Happy Living – The Social Way” series represents 8 books. Each book tells about our town, school, home, friends, how to help & take care of someone, manners, and social responsibilities towards children such as

  • In “Let’s Help” book, Children learn to help their families, friends, neighbour in day-to-day life such as help to Mom in the kitchen when she bakes, she clean plates, helping friends in their studies, and more.
  • In the “Magic Words” Book, kids learn magic words that can help us with everything every day like thank you, sorry, sorry, and please.
  • In the “Messi Mary” book, children should keep their room clean and all things in the proper place every day, if you will not keep your room clean and do not keep anything in any proper place, then you will not have any of your things. Such as your favourite toys, books, and games, and whenever you go into your room and hit something you can fall and get hurt.
  • In “Our Town” book, children learn about our city, beautiful places, history, and culture, doing everything possible to keep it clean, big hospital or regular check-ups in case someone falls ill, to protect us from any crime. Police station with hard-working policemen and more.
  • In “Respect” book, children learn to respect everyone. When you have respect for someone it is a way of showing that you care about them and their feelings. Also learn polite words like “Thank You” and “Please.” This word is to show respect when someone helps you.
  • In “Taking Care of Bingo” book, kids learn to take care of pets Bingo “Dog”.
  • In “My School” book, in school children learn to share, love, respect, and help each other. Also learn to take turns and not cheat, take part in different sports, and more
  • In “My Friends and Me” Book, children do many things with each other, such as making love to many friends, playing together, sharing toys with each other, going for a walk, sitting and talking and also sharing our worries, fighting, and stop talking to each other more.



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